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Life Rafts

Does your life raft need re- certification? 
We have experience in performing quality service inspections
to keep your life raft maintained with confidence.

LSS also offers life raft rentals on a weekly and monthly basis.

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When the inflatables arrive, they’re given an initial inspection to see if things are missing or any obvious problems, and if needed, are cleaned first.  The CO2 cylinders are removed and weighed.  If they meet the weight marked on the side of the cylinder, they can be reused, as long as they are not heavily corroded.  The inspectors will look for loose stitching, torn fabric, webbing; and check buckles, oral tubes, and inflators.  Once inspected, they can go on to testing.  

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Life Vests

The  FAA requires that all flights carry life preservers and other safety flotation devices for passengers and crew.  Making sure they meet safety standards is what we do best.

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We are an FAA Certified Repair Station specializing in Aviation Inflatable Safety Systems. Our technicians are factory trained and experienced to repair a majority of safety equipment in both private and commercial aircraft.  Our products include Zodiac, Aircruisers, EAM Worldwide, Survival Products, Inc., Switlik, and Goodrich.

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Need your order delivered?  We can handle that!  Our drivers make sure your safety products get to you quickly and easily so you don’t have to worry.

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